The "KazComNet" company engaged in the design, development and implementation of software and hardware systems for:
  • electronic document management
  • corporate archives of documents
  • Office work automation
  • management of archival funds
  • establishment of accounting and analytical systems to automate tasks in various areas of management

CREATING IT-infrastructure

The "KazComNet" company provides a full range of services for creating the information infrastructure of organizations:
  • design and installation of SCS and LAN
  • Installation and configuration of active network equipment
  • creation of data centers


The "KazComNet" company is a partner of world producers of computer hardware and software such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, APC, Cisco, etc. The company offers a comprehensive supply of computers, monitors, laptops, scanners, printers, uninterruptible power supplies, software (operating systems, office, antivirus, etc.) to individual client objectives.


The "KazComNet" company offers the development and implementation of automated systems, taking into account the objectives and conditions of the customer. The functions of automated systems company – organization of control of IT Park, the automation of company’s business processes, protection of information resources.


"KazComNet" company works in the sphere of informational technologies since 2001. Our company provides wide range of services around IT. We are ready to offer services such as: designing of information analysis system, designing of WEB-portal, supply and installation of computer, server equipment and multimedia system, supply of office machines, editing and designing of structured cabling system and local area network, supply and installation of license software.


Over 10 years on the market of informational technology of Kazakhstan allow company to accumulate experiences in many spheres of IT, that is certified by successful realization of projects and positive comments of customers.


During working the teamwork of high qualified specialists has formed in the company- in the sphere of project management, designing and development of informational systems, in the building of large scale server and network complex and others.


Правительство намерено надежно защитить Казнет от киберпреступников

June 30, 2017
Правительство намерено надежно защитить Казнет от киберпреступников. С этой целью ...

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Huawei: инвестировать в новые технологии Huawei European Innovation Day 2017

June 30, 2017
В ходе прошедшего  Huawei European Innovation Day 2017 заместитель председателя ...

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Процедуры по управлению госфинансами переведут в цифровой формат

June 30, 2017
Министерство финансов РК готово стать драйвером для формирования цифровой экономики в стране. ...

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ЭЦП теперь и на токенах и смарт-картах aKey

June 30, 2017
Компания Ak Kamal Security рада сообщить о том, что 15 ...

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