KazComNet company provides wide range of services on IT, that leads to successful business in our company.

Our company offers services such us:

Designing of information analysis systems

  • Creation of electronic data management systems
  • Creation of Automatic Control Systems "Human Resource Management Systems"
  • Maximum automation of processing operations, accumulation and distribution of analytic informations on present parameters
  • Designing of logic informational model as diagram and database table for arranging marketing and analysis (simulated model)
  • Data integration from different sources
  • Creation of consolidated pattern of structural subdivision
  • Installation and support of equipment
  • Maintaining and consultation on exploitation of informational systems
  • Designing of prototype process system with using modern technologies of design automation
  • Adaptation of software under customer's  demands.
  • Training customer's staff

Designing of Web portals

  • Pre-design research of informational object
  • Designing portals
  • Designing of project standard documents
  • Training of organizations staff
  • Training of system managers
  • Warranted system management

Supply and installation of computer, server equipment and multimedia systems

  • supply of personal computers 
  • supply of servers 
  • installation of server equipments 
  • supply and installation of interactive boards
  • supply and installation of projection device and system of conference call

supply of office machines

  • supply and installation of scanners
  • supply and installation of printers
  • supply and installation of fax machines
  • automatic telephone stations

Supply and installation of license software

  • supply and installation of license antivirus programs
  • supply and installation of license office supplements
  • supply and installation of license operation systems

Design and installation of structured cabling system and local area network

  • designing of SCS and LAN
  • organization's analysis of computer location
  • cabling installation
  • cable installation of UTP, FTP
  • set up of working stations and equipment for network
  •  audit system of informational security
  • Instrumental audit of protection degree
  • Designing and implementation of Information Security Management System