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  • Казахстанские программисты предлагают автоматизировать работу предпринимателей

Kazakhstan programmers offer to automate business

Nov. 26, 2012

Small and medium businesses need to introduce their own information system. This was discussed today at the press conference on the effectiveness of new technologies.

According to the president of Kazakhstan Association of software companies, state agencies are working with e-government program for a long time, and there is no single information system for businessmen to help them do business better and faster. In this regard, Kazakhstan programmers offer to automate the business. The introduction of know-how, according to them, will cost maximum 400 thousand tenge.

President of Kazakhstan Association of Software Companies, Azamathan AMIRTAEV:

- What you need for business? Control, efficiency, monitoring, reporting and statistics. Tens of thousands of SMEs need to introduce information systems.