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  • Китай хочет внести вклад в развитие облачных технологий в Казахстане

Chinese IT-companies are interested in the development of cloud technologies in Kazakhstan

Sept. 25, 2012

Chinese IT-companies are interested in the development of cloud technologies in Kazakhstan and are already making a contribution to the future of this industry.

"In our view, Kazakhstan is developing very rapidly, not only in the sphere of communications, but also in other spheres. We know that in Kazakhstan there is a great demand for cloud computing. In Kazakhstan, a lot of people are interested in communications," General Director of Huawei-Almaty Wu Zhanggao.

According to him, the country has enough talented professionals, and a large amount of resources, both in the field of energy, so in terms of human resources.

Last year, the company together with the IT-University of the laboratory of cloud computing, as well as providing 10 grants to free education at the university. After graduation, students will be able to do an internship in a company Huawei- Almaty and will have advantages in employment.

"Today, we take the second step - signing a memorandum with IT-University. We want to make a contribution to the formation of a specialist in IT-sphere in Kazakhstan," the director said.

As the rector of the International University of Information Technology Damir Shynybekov noted, besides the memorandum of cooperation with the company a contract for the opening of a special training center will be signed.

"The purpose of opening this center is to give new knowledge in the field of cloud computing is not just for students, but all professionals who need" Shynybekov said.

In Kazakhstan as he noted, prospects of development of the IT sphere is very big as today all innovations are connected with IT and along with it dynamics of development of communication services and high human potential is visible.