Informational system "Budgeting"


Informational system "Budgeting" "ISB" was established as informational analytic system based on technologies of sources and data warehouse. The major aim of ISB creation – supply of information's integration in terms of sources and data warehouse for automatization  of budget calls' processing and submission of data as electronic worksheets.


"ISB" System is based on modern conceptual approaches, principles, methods of projecting of informational analytic systems and systems of situational management.


"ISB" is built on corporate principles of use, i.e. there is objective interest of many interested people in creation and use of one database. The corporativity of informational resources is especially showed in case of making decision of informational analytic support.


"ISB" was built in accordance with foundations of open systems, i.e. its equipment, software and dataware possesses next features:

  • Structured acceleration. It means that ISB adequately adjust to constant changes in consequences of legislation's changes, alterations of management system.
  • Completeness
  • Integration, ability to interaction with other informational systems.


Expansivity, scalability, adaptability to different infrastructures and technological platforms, multivendor architectures of data.


Created  ISB provides fullness and complexity of functions oriented on achievements of certain aims of its creation. Program environment focused on final user – not programmer.



informational interaction of structured subdivisions.


Functional architecture "ISB" represents distributed hardware system. Such system has several level  of processing service information. Access to these different kind of software must depend on status and user's demand.


Automated functions of  "ISB"

  1. Delivery, sorting, loading and storage of data-in 
  2. Web- access of end-users 
  3. Delivery of data-out and results of their processing into different informational systems, also access to instruments of ISB from other supplements  


Data-in is like fill forms of fix layout. Forms for system's filling are developed by system's administrator. Generally these forms represent two-dimensional picture. Supplement's forms might be filled in MS Excel or in user Web- interface.


Data-out is like system's accountings in table layout of MS Excel. The system of accountings is set by administrator. Accountings hold diagrams and other visual information.


"ISB" includes next major functional modules:

  • Module Administration"
  • Module "work with documents"


Module "Administration"

Assignments that solve this module:

  • Budget's establishment of new users and group users
  • Access providing to information for group users and separate users
  • The control of up-to-date content of group users
  • Monitoring of users


Module "Work with documents"

Assignments that solve this module:

  • Support of information, that necessary for correct work of system, in up-to-date condition


The information includes all documents, that essential for correct function of system. The module "work with documents" is realized as add-in to MS Excel and like web interface of user.