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The component IMS "e-Statistic" "Database of administrative information"

The component IMS "e-Statistic" "Database of administrative information " is suitable for loading, transformation, unifying, storage of initial information from administrative sources(external informational systems of government department, database of government department)


DB Ad is informational providing for components "Statistic register of population", "Statistic business register", "Agricultural register" (further registers), the Component IS "Processing of statistic and administrative information", Database of aggregated indices.


Input information of DB AD is administrative data of government department, and output information is standard administrative data.



The structure of DB AI tables provides two formats of data storage:

  • In the same structure of data, provided by administrative source;
  • Transformation in standard storage of administrative data of indices according to description of indices and classifiers in IS "Metadata" and IS "CLASS". In case of absence in "e-Statistic" indices of administrative data, carry out the elaboration of Metamodel and creation of indices.


DB AD provides:

  • Reading and loading of administrative data;
  • Review of administrative data;
  • Central storage of administrative data, indices of department statistics;
  • Data storage by periods (historicity);
  • Logging of storage's variation, operation of administrators and other users

Sources of information in DB AD are:

  • IS of tax committee of Ministry of Finance of KZ;
  • ADS "Compulsory pension deposit" of State Center for Pension Payment of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of KZ;
  • IS of Customs Control Committee of Ministry of Finance of KZ;
  • IAS "Transport means" of transport control's Committee  of Ministry of transport and communication of KZ;
  • ADS "Compulsory social insurance" of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of KZ;
  • IS "Staff of Health service" of Ministry of Health Service of KZ;
  • IS Ministry of Education of KZ;
  • IS «e-
    BD_ADAgriculture» Ministry of Agriculture of KZ.




Conceptual models of structures DB AD

Under development of DB AD consists of the next blocks: 

  1. Block of data. It includes next modules:
  • The module "Data loading";
  • The module "Data review";
  • The module "Data base";
  1. Block of Master data. It includes next module:
  • The module "Master data"
  1. Block of monitoring. It includes next module:
  • The module "monitoring of data";
  1. Block of integration. It includes next module:
  • The module "integration".









The list of system's modules


The module “Data base” is suitable for storage of administrative information obtained from administrative sources.


The module “Data loading” is suitable for data’s load from existed data base of concerned government department, files from external media contained administrative data, and data's loading from DB of "Unnormalized data" into DB of "Normalized data base".


The module “Master data” is suitable for review of master data obtained from administrative data and putting it into format of Meta model  "e-Statistic".


The module "Data review" is suitable for providing of rapid analysis of administrative data with application of license software.


The module "Monitoring of data" is suitable for running official statistic regarding to functioning of Component DB AD.


The module "Integration" is suitable for integration of DB AD with other components of data measuring system "e-Statistic" and informational systems of government departments.