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Component of an integrated information system "e-Statistics" "database aggregates"

Component of an integrated information system "e-Statistics" "database aggregates"
Components of the IIS "e-Statistics" "database aggregates" (DBA) is designed for consistent central storage of aggregate statistical indicators in compliance with the historicity of the data.
DBA provides:
• centralized storage of data aggregates of the state and departmental statistics;
• storage of data by period (historicity);
• flexible working with the data when you change the metadata (classifications, indicators, reference books, period, units of measurement).
• storage of very large amounts of data;
• sufficient speed data access;
• Automatic data backup;
• logging of the repository changes, the actions of administrators and other users.
A conceptual structure model of the DBA:
• "Automated data loading" module;
• "Input" module;
• "Validation of data" module;
• "Unloading Data" module;
• "Regulated records" module;
• "History of indicator" module;
• "Search" module;
• "Integration" module.


"Automated data loading" module
"Automated data loading" module is designed for automated loading of data from pre-existing information systems: LSOS, ESO, Dynamics, databases, files which contain aggregates.
This module must support the data loading from the following sources and data formats: ODBC, *.dbf, *.xls, *.xml, *.sdmx.
"Input" module
DBA contents from historical data obtained from paper sources.
"Validation of data" module
The " Validation of data" module  is intended to provide a database of regulated changes in DBA and ensure the dissemination of reliable data. Module users are ARKS industry experts, who support DBA information.
Confirmed figures get the "official statistics" status and distributed in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.
After validation DBA notifies the information systems that integrate with DBA changes, to ensure a continuous process of updating the data concerned information systems.
"Unloading data" module
"Unloading data" module is for unloaded DBA data slices: data slices for a specific period, DBA changes.
"Regulated records" module 
"Regulated records" module is intended to create and publish reports from DBA, like statistical publications, bulletins, issued by ARKS Plan of Statistical Works (except register systems reports  included in statistical works plan).
"History of indicator" module
“History of indicator" module is intended to generate a list of indicator values ​​and attributes at the context of the period of time.
You can grant from the database as requested in terms, all the values ​​of the indicator for the all period of storage.
The result of queries is:
• array of information as xml-file, *.xls, *.dbf file formats;
• Data Mart of DBA containing value of the index for defined periods and in the context of classifiers and reference books.
"Search" module
"Search" module is designed to find and display indicators of DBA by specified parameters. "Search" supports the following requests:
• Name of indicator;
• Line code;
• Boundary values ​​of the index;
• Period indicator.
"Search" module has also two search modes:
• "Quick Search" mode – search by name and/or code of the classifier;
• "Advanced search" mode – search for additional search request parameters.
"Integration" module
"Integration" module is designed to DBA integration with other components of the IIS "e-Statistics" and information systems of state agencies.
"Integration" module integrates DBA with the following components of IIS "e-statistics":
• "Metadata" IS;
• "Treatment of primary and administrative information" IS;
• "Administrative data" DB;
• Information and analysis system;
• Block Registers;
• Internal Portal.
DBA integration and information systems of government agencies can produce:
• by "Unloading data" module;
• by providing a copy of DBA, "Metadata" IS and "CLASS" IS to the government agencies, as well as its synchronization with the main DBA ARKS.