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Corporate Information System of Electronic Document Management (CISEDM)


Corporate Information System of Electronic Document Management is appropriate for automation of technological procedures of document setup, registration, structuring, holding, storing, searching and editing, also it controls its implementation, authorization, issue and sending documents, information extraction from documents and its analysis, knowledge acquisition from accumulated information, support of making a decision using digital signature.


Aims of electronic document management

  • Reduction of efforts and time of document processing due to preparation, agreement, registration, sending them in electronic way
  • Increasing transparency of document management at the expense of full invoice of incoming, outgoing, domestic, organizational/management documents and their storage in the same system 
  • Time reduction of searching appropriate document
  • Exception of expense related to paper document management on organization.
  • Improvement of quality completeness and reliability of information keeping requirements of informational security
  • Minimum risk of lack unavailability of information that necessary for making decisions; minimum risk of documents'  loss
  • Minimizing risks related to application incorrect version of documents.


Tasks of electronic document management.       


First tasks of system certainly  automation of paperw

ork including universal and individual technologies processing of documents (acceptance, processing documents, their registration and fulfillment control), also automation of document management(formation, storage and providing of quick access to electronic documents, preparation

 and agreement of document, full cycle running of electronic document management) and certainly automation of main business process.


Functional availability of system  (CISEDM)

a)      Registration of documents

Presence of mechanism of registration cards. Document regarding to that or other group has own structure of described characteristic. This availability of connecting documents has realized, for example: request/response and so on. Possibility to group documents according to user. System assumes the presence at least three primary classes of documents - incoming, outgoing and internal. 

PostingsThe presence of integrated system of numeration and registration of incoming and outgoing correspondences in two offices.

 Programs include postings to agreement, approval, visaing, overlay resolution; lists of posting may defined as on the level of administrator's system, as on the level of user; there is possibility to define assistant of work with documents; postings document realized by interested users automatically. There is possibility to post document not only under hierarchy  boss- employee, but to post by previously arranged direction.

c)      Correction

The correction is made by means addressing to document that is caused by relevant appendix


d)     Control of fulfillment

There is possibility of tracking document history, i.e. getting information about all instances in which document existed; there is possibility of automatic warning, as instructor and performer about expiration of document review setting on control


e)      Regulation of privilege and confidentiality

There is possibility of users' clustering by functional responsibilities with relevant privileges, as to all document, as to its separate point, there is possibility of level detection for document, for users' group – privilege to documents of certain level confidentiality; there is possibility  of document encryption and control due to digital signature for confidential documents.


f)       Reporting procedures

Along with standard forms of accountings, the possibility of accounting creation on suitable forms for customer


g)      Document retrieval

Document searching is carried out by minimum main document requisitions. There is possibility of context searching according to documents' content, also full-text search on all document. The possibility of searching by several conditions of selection, that might be set for any from document point. The time searching of document makes couple second; the mechanism of filtration has realized, the user has possibility to save filter for further application.


"CISEDM"  System is realized on architecture "client - server" on base o industrial DBMS – Lotus Domino/Notes. Also it possesses full function, i.e. supports full maintenance of life-cycle documents, that correspond the chain: Creation – Correction – Distribution for agreement – Control of fulfillment – Approval – Storing and ensuring of access to archival data.

The system has module architecture, allows step by step rise of functionality and gradual connection to operation of separate organization departments. Also it has means that allows to integrate it with other appendix. "CISEDM" System has interface in state and Russian languages.


"CISEDM" System provides the possibility of centralized system's control with possibility of management's  delegation by administrators of  territorially remote subdivision for local maintenance. Also it operates in mode, that not required constant administrator's presence except for cases of works carrying out related to monitoring, adjustment, new users' connection, adjustment of users' access to System.







"CISEDM", Formulation of  Corporate Information System of Electronic Document Management, personnel office work, protocols, plans, archives of electronic forms, project document application forms, citizens' statement order, organization's  structure library of reference books, internal documents,  office memos, outgoing mail, incoming mail


Module   "incoming mail"- is assigned for registration and sending to implementation of all incoming mail.


Module   "outgoing mail"- is for registration of outgoing mail to other organizations.


Module   "office memos" – is for documents' creation, signing, agreement  and implementation such as: office memos, written requests, presentation, explanatory.


Module "internal documents"- this module provides the conduct of processes related to processing of internal documents between departments of organization.


Module "personnel office work" is for conduct of individual cards of company's staff, also conduct of organization's statistic data.


Module "protocols" is for protocols' conduct, for distribution of protocol assignments and for control of implementation of assignments.


Module "plans" is used for conducts of action plans of organization, for distribution of plan's points for implementation and control of carrying out.


Module "archives of electronic forms" is for conduct of electronic original archives of incoming and outgoing mails.


Module   "organization's structure" is for compiling of organization's hierarchy and serves for module's work.


Module   "library of reference books" serves as inquiry information on organizations, nomenclatures of organization's affairs.


Module   "citizens' statement" devoted to registration of citizens' reference to organization, supports sending to address, execution cards and accountings.


Module   "Order"  is for registration such documents as Order, Direction.


Module   "project documents" is for compiling project documents, sending documents for approval, it supports digital signatures of documents.


Module   "application forms"  is for compiling and processing  of application forms in  department of organization's maintenance work.