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The Project "Normative and technical documentation"

The project's aim- effective organization of providing normative and technical documentation of structural subdivision's employees and regional organization's branches and reducing of annual expenses on distributions of normative and technical documents.


The project's assignment- the creation of electronic library of normative and technical documentation powered by Microsoft Office  SharePoint Server 2007.


Protection of system's information from illegal access is provided by next measures:

  • Realization of access's role policy to system's services;
  • Splitting of access's rights to information in accordance with organizational structure of Society and branches;
  • Authorization of users at application's load;
  • Observation of creation's regulation, storage and resurrection of back-up copies on carriers.


Electronic library of NTD created within project provides stable functioning at rising rejections, created by errors of technical devices, errors in data's entering of user, errors of services and so on.




The project "Normative and technical documentation" is created powered by MS SharePoint for interactive creation and processing of internal documentation of organization. This project is integrated with internal site of organization, that allows to place documentation's files of various formats (doc, zip, rar, pdf). The project is delimited by access's rights. The access is delimited by Users, who have rights on reading documents, Word processors, who have rights on document editing and Administrators, who have rights on distribution of documents in database.